Happy Polygamy Day ® 15

Happy Polygamy Day ® 15!

For the 15th year in a row, pro-polygamists are celebrating on August 19, the official and trademarked date of Polygamy Day ®.

Reported by Pro-Polygamy.com

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Pro-Polygamists Celebrate 15th Annual ‘Polygamy Day’.

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August 19, 2015, is Polygamy Day 15

Stop Special Rights for OMOW & SSM

OMOW = one man one woman
SSM = same sex marriage
UCAP = unrelated consenting adult polygamy

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MarkHenkelPolygamy on Youtube

In 2010, Mark Henkel initiated a program of video-recorded speeches presented before non-polygamous audiences. In the Fall of of 2011, a new youtube channel was created, MarkHenkelPolygamy.

To kick off that new youtube channel, the videos of the first 10 polygamy speeches were posted once a week for 10 weeks (“Season One” of polygamy speeches).  In the late Winter of 2012, a second set of 10 polygamy speeches was posted (“Season Two” of polygamy speeches).  These speeches were all designed as share-able persuasion tools for activists to use when discussing the Cause with others.  Since then, many other videos have been posted too – from Mark Henkel giving testimony at a Public Hearing (to legalize same sex marriage) to a free trailer of snippets from the historic keynote speech at Yale.

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Pro-Polygamy Articles ™ Archive

Ever since the early 2000s,  the official Pro-Polygamy Articles ™ Archive has been keeping an ongoing record of important news events for the UCAP (unrelated consenting adult polygamy) movement.  The archive has been a service provided by the media-distribution site, Pro-Polygamy.com.

When you’re doing research on the movement and its recent history, be sure to check out the official…

 Pro-Polygamy Articles Archive